Managed IT vs Core IT: Which is Right for My Business?

Managed IT and Core IT are two different models of providing technology services to businesses. Managed IT is a more hands-on approach that requires onsite staff, while Core IT is primarily remote and automated. Managed IT provides onsite technicians who handle everything from diagnostics to repair. Managed service providers will replace hardware when necessary and offer preventive maintenance tools such as antivirus software, firewalls, and data backup solutions like RAID arrays. These services also include performance monitoring and trending of key metrics like disk space and server load average. Managers can use this information to make decisions about the current state of the network in addition to planning for future growth by adding additional resources before problems arise. Managed IT includes support for desktops, servers, storage, networking infrastructure and more. It is often associated with larger companies with several locations but it can also be offered by smaller managed service providers who are equipped to handle the needs of businesses with one location.

Core IT provides automated support services that are managed remotely by specialists without onsite staff. Managers use software tools instead of onsite technicians to monitor networks and create reports that highlight potential problems before they happen, while also leveraging automatic provisioning to deploy new systems before problems arise. Examples of this type of technology include email hosting solutions which allow managers to track how much storage each user has remaining in their inbox or file sharing applications which can automatically increase available disk space when usage approaches capacity levels. Managers may also rely on external helpdesk services to resolve basic user problems like password resets. Managers using this model do not need onsite technical expertise, but they typically have less control over IT projects and depend more on outside experts. Managed IT costs around 30% more than Core IT delivering the same exact services, but Managed IT gives managers more control of their IT systems.

Core IT is suited for small businesses who are looking for a reliable foundation with the ability to scale up as needed. For example, a business could begin with email hosting and file sharing managed by Core IT experts who can provide expert guidance when managers need it. As the company grows, the CIO might add on additional services at their request. This way the organization gains expertise without having to make a big up-front investment in staff or hardware.

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